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Do you want to improve your natural light without adding more windows? Roof lights could be the solution. Roof lights have been used for this purpose for hundreds of years, but current improvements have resulted in a wider range of possibilities, including double-glazing and easy-open designs.
Top Roofing Dublin can supply and install Velux skylights as registered installers of various roof lights manufactured by Top Roofing Dublin, including their flat flush glazed roof lights. This complements our roofing experience and enables us to provide our customers with a comprehensive roof-related solution. There’s no need to look elsewhere — we’ve got you covered!

Why do you need Roof Lights?

Roof lights are an excellent alternative for attic rooms, dormer bedrooms, flat roofs, or any room that requires more lighting without the installation of new windows. They can also be an option if planning denies windows owing to overlooking neighbours or other limits. It makes no difference whether your room faces north or south; a roof light faces the sky and will always offer light, even on a typical British dreary day!

Roof lights are an excellent solution if space is limited or if you want to convert your attic. They are also efficiently used in commercial buildings. Roof lights might be the appropriate answer for any situation.

Customer Contentment

Top Roofing Dublin employs a team with extensive experience dealing with roof lights, so you can be confident that your installation, maintenance, and repairs will be completed to the highest standards. When you want the supply and installation of roof lights, our team of professionals will guarantee that the work is completed to a high quality with the least amount of inconvenience.

Because we do not outsource, each member of the team is hand-picked for their expertise, knowledge, and dedication to their work. What was the end result? A job completed on time and to a high standard.

Accreditation and Quality

Top Roofing Dublin exclusively uses high-quality products to ensure your roof light lasts for many years, such as Velux roof lights. This ensures that you have piece of mind knowing that a work well done by experts who care has been completed.

ISO 9001, Construction Online, Safe Contractor, TrustMark, and The Confederation of Roofing Contractors are among the accreditations and registrations held by our company.

Allow Natural Light to Enter Your Home

Skylights can provide natural light as well as other benefits if you want to illuminate portions of your home without raising your energy consumption. Skylights and sun tunnels will not only brighten up your home, but they will also supply solar heat and ventilation, reducing the burden on your HVAC system. Top Roofing Dublin provides professional skylight installation and repair services throughout the Delaware Valley.

Skylights bring natural light and a sense of openness to rooms, making them appear larger. Above all, skylights and sun tunnels must be properly built or you risk water damage and draughts in your home. If you already have skylights or sun tunnels that need to be repaired or replaced, we can do the job quickly and professionally.

Services for Skylight Repair

There’s an old cliché that all skylights leak, and this is often true when it comes to older skylights and those that were not put correctly. Top Roofing Dublin, fortunately, can repair your broken or leaky skylight. The flashing surrounding the entrance that permits moisture into your roof is the most common source of problems. Moisture in your home can create discoloured ceilings, poor air quality, and other water damage. If you discover a problem with your skylights, you should have them inspected and fixed as soon as possible.

Skylight repair in Dublin

Why Choose Top Roofing Dublin For Skylight Repair

  • Skilled staff of Roofing Specialists with extensive experience. We have operatives with over 40 years of combined expertise.
  • For all projects, we offer a variety of FREE quotes and solutions.
  • Guarantees guaranteed by insurance.
  • Exceptional customer service throughout the process.
  • Our past clients rated us 5 out of 5 stars.

What exactly is a Sun Tunnel?

A sun tunnel, also known as a tube skylight, is a flexible tube that reflects sunshine through your roof and into difficult-to-reach sections of your home. They’re ideal for restrooms, hallways, closets, side rooms, and any other room in your home that need more light.

In many circumstances, a skylight cannot be built in a room with a roof blockage. Sun tunnels are narrower and may bend around difficult regions to offer you with the necessary sunshine!

Skylight Installation and Replacement

If you want to install a skylight to your home, Top Roofing Dublin can assist you in finding the ideal solution. You will not only be able to light your home with natural sunshine, but you will also be able to vent your roof by allowing outside air to enter. When you install a modern skylight, you enjoy the benefits of natural light, solar heating, and home ventilation. We are home renovation professionals, and all of our skylight instals come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Residential Skylight Specialists

Schedule an estimate with Top Roofing Dublin’s residential skylight installation professionals today. For nearly 40 years, we have served the Delaware Valley with a focus on client service and unrivalled craftsmanship.


Throughout Dublin, Skylight Repairs and Velux Roof Window Repairs

In the Dublin area, we offer a comprehensive selection of skylight repair and VELUX roof window repair services.

Simply put, we repair, install, and service VELUX windows in Dublin and the surrounding areas for homes and businesses. We bring extensive technical understanding of VELUX roof window products from the past and now that other firms do not.

We are happy to be able to offer efficient, neat, and expert roof window repair and installation, skylight repair and installation, and a full range of services for any roof window needs you may have in Dublin.

Skylight Repairs Dublin

Top Roofing provides Velux window repairs Dublin as well as Velux window and sky light installation in the Dublin area. In the Dublin area, we provide first-rate service to residential, commercial, and industrial clients. We are honest, dependable, and highly skilled specialists who can provide you with a professional service.

Our Services

  • Velux Repairs Dublin
  • Velux Glass Replacement Dublin
  • Installing Velux Windows
  • Servicing Velux Windows
  • Dublin Velux Sun Tunnels
  • Skylights

Free Estimates And Quotes

Please do not hesitate to contact us; we are pleased to come out and give you a free estimate on any repair you may require in Dublin. We have numerous delighted customers in the Ireland, and we consistently accomplish big contracts around Dublin.

We are proud of all we do

Top Roofing Dublin has specialised in Velux repairs and maintenance for a diverse range of customers around Dublin. Our professional artisans have the training and experience to ensure that any repair work is completed to the highest standards. All types of work are undertaken, from minor repairs to huge projects such as industrial and factory roof lights.

Please do not hesitate to contact us; we are pleased to come out and give you a free estimate on any repair you may require in Dublin. We have numerous satisfied customers in the Dublin area, and we consistently accomplish large contracts throughout the city.

Draughts coming in through the Velux window

Draughts through your Velux window can be caused by a number of factors, including:

  • Requiring a replacement glass unit
  • Faulty gaskets
  • Lining insulation re-insulation
  • Replacing the Velux window seals
  • The VELUX window was not installed correctly/squarely.
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