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Perfect Flat Finish

Quality Roofing Materials

Lightweight Flat Roofs

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Top Roofing Dublin is a team of fully insured experienced Master Roofers with over 20 years of combined experience in the roofing field. We can help with everything from minor roof repairs to a total new roof or re-roof; our team of Roofing Contractors provides quality, professional, and affordable services throughout Dublin. We also specialise in Flat Roofing, GRP Fibreglass Flat Roofing, and EPDM Flat Roofing in Dublin, in addition to standard Flat Roofs. Dublin UPVC Fascias, Soffits, and Guttering Get in touch immediately; no task is too minor or too huge for Top Roofing Dublin.

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Top Roofing Contractors Dublin provide all types of roofing work and take works from concept to design to completion, bringing the same enthusiasm to each project. Top Roofing are professional Dublin roofers who provide emergency roofing repair as well as new roofs (roof replacement contracts) in a variety of materials to fit your design and budget. Our Dublin roofers specialise in flat roofs and flat roofing repairs, offering fibreglass, GRP rubber system, or ashphalt flat roofing solutions that are ideal for keeping your home watertight.

We are proud members of the National Guild of Master Craftsmen

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I reside in Dublin, and our home is vulnerable to storms. Over the Easter weekend, slates were thrown from our roof, posing a hazard to the public. I called several roofing contractors and received no response, one roofer said he would come but did not show up on Easter Sunday, so I called Top Roofing, and they came out within an hour and completed the work that day. I would highly recommend this company.
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Top Roofing installed a new roof on the side of my home, and I am extremely impressed with the work they did. I would absolutely recommend this company to anyone seeking for a new roof, quick trustworthy service, and new quality craftsmanship.
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I recently purchased a house in Dublin, and the roof was badly in need of repair. I called Top Roofing, and they came out and gave me a free estimate. They gave my roof a thorough inspection, and then explained to me what work needed to be done on the roof. I was satisfied enough to proceed with this because the price was very competitive with other quotes I had called. I am quite pleased with the service performed and would highly recommend Top Roffing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pitch: Decide the pitch of your roof to determine what items you can utilise. Give us a call if you need assistance determining the pitch of your roof.

Planning: You must ensure that the product you intend to use complies with any applicable local planning laws.

Weight: Depending on the material you choose for your new roof, structural support may be required. Considering the weight of your selected roof covering before making your final decision might save you both time and money. Slate is a lovely but heavy material.

This is determined by a multitude of characteristics such as size, complexity, location, product, and fittings, among others.

Re-roofing a typical semi-detached property with clay tiles, for example, may cost between EUR 3,500 and EUR 5,500.

To obtain the best value, acquire several estimates from different roofing firms and make sure you understand exactly what you are being offered for. Don’t be scared to request a specific product for your new roof if you like the look of it.

There are many different types of roof coverings accessible to you, and each one has different designs and properties that are best suited to different types of houses. The following are the most common forms of roof covering:

  • Interlocking tiles eliminate the requirement for overlapping.
  • Clay tiles are ideal for curved surfaces and complex embellishments.
  • Stone tiles are thicker and more expensive than regular tiles.
  • Concrete tiles come in a wide variety of colours and patterns.
  • Slate Tiles — They are simple, inexpensive, and readily available.
  • Metal Roofing — Long-lasting and flexible
  • Thatched Roofing — Traditional and long-lasting
  • Shingled Roofing — Rustic and weather-resistant.

Just because your roof has a leak does not necessitate a whole replacement. A leak is usually caused by a loose or damaged roof tile. A total roof system failure, or an unsafe roof in general, will necessitate a complete re-fit.

There are several indicators that your roof is on its last legs. If you suspect your roof is exhibiting any of these symptoms, it’s time to bring in the professionals.

Your roof hasn’t been replaced in 20-30 years, the usual lifespan of an asphalt shingle roof.

Your shingles or tiles are cupping (the shingles are curling upwards) or clawing (the edges stay flat but the middle starts to turn upwards).

Your roof has complete tiles or shingles missing.

  • Your gutter contains roof granules.
  • Your shingles or tiles are cracked.
  • Light is filtering through your roof and into your attic.
  • A section of the roof is sagging, which could suggest a structural problem.

While many people believe that a leaky roof must be replaced, this may not be the case unless the roof is very old. Missing, cracked, broken, and curling shingles can be repaired and replaced to halt a leak, but older roofs or roofs with many leaks or widespread concerns should be replaced.

Costs vary widely based on the pitch of your roof, the type of shingles you have, the condition of the roof, and the number of layers of shingles you have. A free quote is the best method to find out how much it will cost.

While certain little repairs may be performed by do-it-yourself homeowners, big work, such as roof replacement, is a very complex procedure that necessitates training and should thus be left to the professionals. Professional roofing contractors must go through training and certification provided by the material’s manufacturer in order to acquire an extended manufacturer guarantee. If the roof is repaired by someone who has not been trained by the manufacturer, the manufacturer will not offer (or void) the guarantee.

There are numerous factors that influence how long a roof will survive. While most roofs come with a warranty, this does not guarantee that your roof will last this long without needing to be replaced. Some will wear out faster than others owing to harsh weather and environmental circumstances. Most roofs, on the other hand, are designed to endure between 15 and 25 years; some slate and metal roofs may survive even longer.

Severe weather, intense sunlight, algae and mildew growth, and other factors can all contribute to the deterioration of a roof. Hailstones damaging the roof and removing part of the granules are another issue. Darker coloured roofs also tend to wear out faster than lighter coloured roofs.

There are numerous factors that influence whether or not hail is damaging to a roof. The size of a hail pellet is determined by the age and condition of the roof. In general, however, pea and marble-sized hailstones do not often cause roof damage in the absence of severe winds.

No, hail storms can vary greatly even within a small area. The roofs can all differ in age and condition, which will affect how they are affected.

Leaks can be difficult to detect since water seeks the route of least resistance and might travel for a long time before appearing through your ceiling. You can try crawling into your attic or crawl space with a flashlight the next time it rains to try to trace it, but having a professional come out to find it and give you a quotation will give you the most precise response.

The shingles could have been improperly installed, placed over an existing layer of shingles that is not providing appropriate coverage, or there could be new damage from a recent storm. The best way to find out is to have a professional inspection and estimate performed.

The answer is dependent on various factors, including the source of the leak and the overall age and condition of the roof. If the leak is caused by a few small problems with the shingles or flashing, it can be quickly repaired in a matter of hours. If the roof is ancient and prone to extensive problems, it may need to be replaced, which could take several days.

While it is technically conceivable to layer one set of shingles on top of another, this may be a recipe for disaster in the future. If your existing shingles are curling, broken, missing, or coated in moss or algae, you will need to strip them before installing the new roof. Similarly, if you already have two layers on your roof, they will need to be removed in order to install the new shingles.

Every roof is unique, as is what the roofers will discover when they get up there. Depending on the size and breadth of the task, it can take anything from a few hours to a few days.

A roofing underlayment, commonly known as felt paper, is laid beneath your shingles and over your roof’s wood. It protects your roof from wind-driven rain, which can reach beneath your shingles and cause damage to your home.

If the wood beneath your shingles has water damage, it must be replaced as well.

The type of roof that you select should complement the rest of the style and characteristics of your home. To make this personal selection, you need also examine the material, how long it lasts, and the costs.

The colour of your roofing should suit the rest of your house. This should be a secondary consideration when deciding on a roof material. To see what is available, obtain a colour guide or brochure for the type of shingle you choose.

Make sure to acquire a detailed quote from your roofer that includes everything that was discussed. You should also request referrals and speak with some previous consumers. Check that the roofer cleaned up after themselves, completed the job when they said they would, fixed any issues promptly, and adhered to the contract. Make certain that whomever you hire is capable of doing the work right the first time.

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