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Sustained exposure to wind and rain means plenty of potential problems with chimney stacks. And there are a number of things that can go wrong.
Problems with flashings, mortar joints, defective bricks, flaunching, and cowls all have the potential to produce leaks and structural concerns, causing damage to structures and posing major safety risks.
Early detection and intervention are critical for avoiding major and costly problems.

A Wide Range of Chimney Repair Services

Our skilled surveyors use their years of experience to deliver accurate diagnoses and effective remediation solutions that balance cost and efficacy.

Our directly employed bricklayers and roofing professionals make Top Roofing Dublin the ideal choice for chimney repairs and maintenance, from simple repairs such as repointing, flaunching, chimney lead flashings, and brick spalling to partial or total chimney rebuild.

Minor Chimney Repairs

Slight chimney defects have the potential to grow into serious problems if not recognised and addressed promptly.
Here are some early warning signs that your chimney may need to be repaired:

Chimney brickwork mortar has gaps and cracks

Repointing damaged mortar as soon as possible is critical to the health of a chimney stack.
Water that finds its way into the chimney stack structure will freeze and expand, causing more damage to the mortar and brickwork and leaving only a chimney rebuild as an alternative.

Lead flashings on chimneys that have been damaged or are missing

Lead flashings at chimney abutments are frequently pointed with mortar, particularly in older structures.
Problems with mortar adhering to lead, as well as its inherent brittleness, frequently result in gaps when lead is cemented into brickwork.
Lead sealant is a silicone-based solution that is specifically intended to give strong adherence to both lead and brickwork. Lead sealant’s flexibility allows it to endure some movement.
When having lead chimney flashings repaired, always make sure that the mortar joints are replaced with lead sealant.

Flaunching of a cracked chimney

Chimney flaunching is essential for emptying rainwater from the top of a chimney stack and anchoring chimney pots in place, but it is typically made of a sand and cement mix that is prone to breaking.
Cracks that are detected early can be repaired cheaply and without the need to hack off and replace chimney flaunching.

Chimney Repair in Dublin

Dublin Chimney Repairs & Rebuilds

Top Roofing Dublin specialises in chimney reconstruction, brick chimney repairs, partial chimney rebuilds, roof line up chimney rebuilds, and entire chimney rebuilds. Cracking, water leaking, element exposure, usage, time, and a lack of maintenance can all make your chimney physically vulnerable, necessitating chimney repairs or a whole chimney rebuild. We can assist you in any situation.

Set-up (scaffolding in most cases), tear down and disposal, and thorough reconstruction of your existing chimney are all part of the Dublin Roofing chimney rebuild procedure.

Chimney rebuild

When things have progressed beyond modest repairs, it may be time to consider rebuilding a chimney stack.
There are normally three solutions available depending on the degree of damage:

Partially rebuilt chimney

Damage to chimney brickwork is frequently limited to the upper courses only, especially if flaunching has deteriorated and allowed considerable amounts of water to be absorbed into bricks and mortar.
In this case, and given that there are no structural difficulties farther down the stack, it is usually possible to repair simply the damaged brickwork courses and flaunching while rebedding existing chimney pots.

Complete rebuilding of the chimney stack

Where chimney stacks are leaning or there has been extensive deterioration of brickwork and mortar, rebuilding the entire stack may be the only alternative left.

Chimney cleaning

When the damage to the chimney stack is serious and the stack is no longer needed, demolishing it to below the level of the roof is a viable option.
This kind of action offers the added benefit of eliminating frequent chimney problems and preventing the need for future repairs and maintenance.
The chimney stack is removed to below the roof line and replaced with underlay, battens, and tiles that match the existing roof.
Except in conservation zones, this is normally included under allowed development for houses, but checks should always be carried out before removing a chimney stack.

These are the most prevalent types of required chimney rebuilds:

Partial chimney rebuilds: Small chimneys (no scaffolding necessary) or merely the top few courses of a huge chimney.

Roof line up chimney rebuilds: Significant mortar and/or brick deterioration will have eliminated the feasibility of a repair job in this case. The structure is demolished down to the flashing near the rooftop, and then the chimney rebuilding process begins.

Total chimney rebuilds: The roof and eaves safeguard the brick and other components that make up your home. The chimney, on the other hand, is located above the roof and is exposed to rain, snow, wind, and frost. When masonry materials absorb moisture and are exposed to the weather, they deteriorate rapidly, creating unnecessary stress and integrity loss.

Total chimney rebuilds are required when the chimney is leaning, has extensive mortar deterioration, or has seen serious brick spalling from the ground level up. Most of the time, the firebox, hearth, and smoke chamber do not need to be removed.

A chimney crown is the top component of a chimney rebuild that provides maximum protection for the structure beneath by preventing the need for future fireplace chimney repairs and chimney rebuilding. It protects the top of the chimney and hangs over the edge of the chimney. Most chimney crown mortar is not meant to withstand years of weather abuse without cracking, chipping, or deterioration, allowing water to enter the chimney.

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Chimney Repairs

Your chimney is an important aspect of your roof structure, and Top Roofing Dublin is committed to keeping it in the finest possible condition.

We have extensive expertise delivering chimney repair services in Dublin and the surrounding locations.

Older chimneys are prone to significant wear and tear, and extreme weather conditions may wreak havoc on every aspect of your roof. As a result, we provide skilled chimney crown repair and chimney flashing repair to ensure that your chimney operates securely and efficiently.

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